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Are you trying to conceive, already pregnant or a new mum? 

My Name is Lorna Mays and I have been working with all conception and pregnancy issues for a number of years now. I have a wealth of experience and understand the changes both emotionally and physically and the stresses you can undergo at this time. 

Whether undergoing IVF or just in need of support with the aches, pains and swellings that come along with pregnancy, I combine aromatherapy, pregnancy massage techniques, reflexology and a wealth of other knowledge from diet to which of the old wives tales actually can help. I also do inductions when overdue and can help with helping get you back to “normal” after the birth, easing any aches and pains and just some relaxation at a time when you are tired and adjusting to your new life.

Constant back pain from bad posture?

Niggling joint pain?

Injury which won’t quite go away?

Lots of people just get used to and put up with a bit of pain and only get it looked at when it is chronic. Why not get help before it gets that bad? I have been working with people who have bad posture causing back pain, RSI, etc, but also with sports injuries, such as running or rugby injuries.
"Lorna Mays is a gifted masseuse. Her magic fingers seem to instinctively find their way to each knot in your back, and she has the skill to dispense with them expediently. A massage with Lorna is money well spent." Salima Hirani.

"Lorna's facials are like no other facials - I felt and looked amazing for days after. Complete relaxation!" Sarah Byrne

"Lorna made my pregnancy a far more relaxed and magical time. Her experience and range of therapies meant I felt everything was tailored specially for me throughout."Kelly Griffiths